Social Media Services

Growato Social Media Services include:

  • Social media accounts creation
  • Defining strategic goals for your business
  • Content research and sharing
  • Community engagement
  • Interactions with fans and influencers
  • Reporting and Analysis
Despite the growing importance of using social media for business, many companies fail to capture their potential. The reasons for this vary and usually include the lack of time, the lack of audience research or the inability to identify key channels to use. If you are hoping to reach new users through social media, you need to take a more strategic approach to this channel.

Being present is not enough. You need to make yourself known.

Great social media results are not achieved simply by sharing content on a regular basis. Your posts need to offer something relevant and continue to bring value to your fans’ news feeds. In addition to this, they need to communicate specific messages in order to present your company properly and evoke interest in your product or services.

Personalize your voice to leave a permanent impression.

One of the most valuable features of social media is the chance to monitor your ideal customers, define the language they use and analyze their behavior, wants and needs. By adjusting your voice to their likings, you will find it easier to build an image of an authoritative company that offers guidance rather than promotional content. Once you achieve this, your social media followers will be more likely to do all the talking and marketing for you.

Know where to find and interact with your users.

Facebook and Twitter may still be the leading social media networks, but your target consumers may be more active elsewhere. In order to find them, your business needs to do a customer persona analysis and devise a social media strategy based on this.

Growato helps your business boost its online presence one post at a time.

Growato team can help you create and implement social media marketing strategy that speaks to your target audience. Our social media services come in two different plans designed to help any type of business succeed in growing online.