Growato Startup Package includes:

  • Pre-launch marketing
  • Company blogging
  • App store optimization
  • Startup review sites outreach
  • Traffic growth
  • SEO

If you are in possession of a great idea for a startup, our team can lead you through the entire process of acquiring a base of future enthusiastic users.

Pre-launch shout-out

If you want your startup idea to be heard loud and clear, we can devise a complete pre-launch marketing strategy that will boost your visibility and separate your idea from the numerous solutions in your niche. In order for your innovative idea to gain a consistent base of relevant and active users right from the start, we will ensure your startup has a high ranking by optimizing your startup pitch for relevant sites that feature new developing ideas. We will spread your vision making it possible to become viral even before your startup has been finalized.

What’s next?

When your app is up and running, you want plethora of relevant audience to be able to find it with no trouble. By making the most of App Store optimization process, we will bring your idea in front of those looking for solutions you offer. The right key words and description are essential to your visibility on the map – we won’t let your idea sit on the shelf and be forgotten – we will make sure the right people are aware of your app’s existence and that it appeals to them.

In forming a close-knit relationship with your users and increasing traffic on your website, it is important to create a solid image of your brand through quality content that people will gladly share on their social media profiles.

We understand the importance of engagement and valuable content thus we can present your brand in the best possible way through managing your company’s blog.

Make it grow

There is always a chance for further improvement and the growth process should be everlasting. With our comprehensive marketing strategies, we will ensure sustainable growth and further development of your business. Attracting customers is the first step, but your business should aim to create a lasting loyal relationship with customers, while at the same time expanding your customer base.


Custom package

If your business requires a different marketing approach, we will be more than happy to arrange listed marketing strategies in a way that meets
your unique business philosophy best.

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