Growato Starter Package includes:

  • WordPress site setup and content creation
  • Social accounts creation and management
  • SEO

The first step towards establishing your lasting digital presence is to create an engaging and appealing website and to set up social media accounts.

Brand image presentation

Your website tells a story of your brand to your audience, therefore, you want to make sure that the message you are sending out into the world is appropriate, accurate, appealing, enlightening, engaging and honest. In order to achieve the most remarkable presentation of your brand image, we work closely with you to formulate and display your vision to the audience in a way that meets your company goals. With Starter Package you are provided with complete set of services concerning setting up of your website using WordPress platform and generating and updating inviting content.

Consumer feedback

The era of the Social Media that we live in has bridged the gap between the brand and the user and it has finally allowed a voice of the consumer to be louder than ever.

Interaction with target audience provides key insight into their wants and needs, which is crucial in terms of tailoring your product and services to suit the needs of a larger volume of customers. Additionally, by actively participating in social media conversations, your brand secures credibility and trust among broader audiences. By setting up and managing relevant social media accounts, producing meaningful content and joining in conversations with the existing and future users of your service/product, we help your brand become a true influencer and authority in the niche.

Whether you are just starting out, or your digital presence needs a serious upgrade, increased traffic is what you are looking for and our Starter Package is a way to go. Neat and professional website with quality content accompanied by social media accounts is the key to asserting your place in the web market.


Custom package

If your business requires a different marketing approach, we will be more than happy to arrange listed marketing strategies in a way that meets
your unique business philosophy best.

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