Expanding Business

Growato Expanding Business Package includes:

  • Company blogging
  • Social media and community management
  • Guest posting
  • SEO

You are already present in the digital market but you want to extend your client base, you can opt for our Expanding Business service package.

Blogging your way to the top

We produce meaningful and creative content solutions for your company blog with the aim of inspiring interaction with your target audience. Successfully running a company blog can substantially increase traffic and consequently, revenue, for your business. Team of writers at Growato understand the distinction between a mediocre company blogging based on blatant praise of their services and products that can produce a counter effect and a quality blog content that actually serves its readers either to inform or to entertain them, at the same time unobtrusively pulling them towards its product or service.

Continual delivery of meaningful blog material means gaining an ever-growing number of loyal and appreciative readers who read and share your content which ultimately leads to a significant increase of your brand awareness and positions your brand as a reliable source of inspiration, guidance and information in the field.

As another way to draw desired visitors to your company website and to establish trusting and lasting relationships with users we employ link building strategy into your marketing plan. In this way, your message reaches a more diversified audience. Additionally, by publishing meaningful content in a variety of relevant publications, your brand gets the benefit of being recognized by a number of authorities in the same, or related fields.

Interacting and sharing

Interacting with your followers on social media on a daily basis is one of the key components for creating a loyal relationship and sustaining a solid community management.
Producing quality content does not on its own imply achieving ever-increasing traffic. Knowing where, how and when to share is as equally important. Within Expanding Business service package, you are provided with a state of the art solutions for management of the company social media accounts.


Custom package

If your business requires a different marketing approach, we will be more than happy to arrange listed marketing strategies in a way that meets
your unique business philosophy best.

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