How Google Sees your Website

December 5, 2016

As the majority of people will conduct an online search before buying, businesses’ website is one of the crucial elements of its success. Yet, having great website is not enough. Its place in search engine results is an equally important indicator of the success of a business.

With the first page of search results taking up more than 90% of traffic, it is no wonder that the competition to get on the first page of Google search result was never this fierce. If that isn’t reason enough, the statistic that the top three spots on page 1 of search results take in more than 50% of the clicks should convince the rest about the importance of being recognized by Google as being of value.

Although Google updates its algorithms frequently, there are a few constant indicators of quality that will most certainly get your website on good terms with Google.

Unlike the tricks and deceits of the past SEO ways, nowadays you will get top ranking only by truly being dedicated, providing great quality and value on a regular basis.

In order to be rewarded a top spot on Google search results, your website needs to be a reflection of a brand that has a lot to offer. Your value is most transparently communicated to Google by the content on your website. Content directly or indirectly affects all of the SEO parameters, and therefore, affects the success of your business. It does so by being relevant and useful for its readers, which brings in the quality links. Moreover, it drives additional traffic via social media, and separates your website from the plethora of others in the niche, making you worthy of the first page results.

The infographic below suggests additional ways how your website should be optimized in order to be recognized by Google as top results material.


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