About us

Founded in 2016, Growato is a full service marketing agency focused on helping small businesses and startups in the region grow faster online. Our team works with you to help spread your mission to a worldwide audience. We will keep you original, present, and in touch with your target audience everywhere. Depending on your business model, we will help you create unique growth strategy to fit your future professional goals. We do this by recognizing the importance of digital presence in today’s business and making it our sole priority to create an outstanding and professional image that conveys your message to your target audience.

Creating a company image that is relatable, reliable and trustworthy means understanding the image, needs and preferences of your target users. We help you generate a growing list of day-to-day clients by doing extensive market and audience research and finding means to connect your brand vision to them.

Original content that engages your audience

We at Growato understand the importance of original and engaging content when it comes to drawing attention of the target clients. Our original solutions in producing inviting content will help your brand awareness reach new and greater audience.

Two-way conversations on online channels

Once a solid base of users is generated, a continual interaction is needed in order to keep them interested and dedicated to your brand. With active engagement and communication with your social media followers, we help you build closer and more trusting connection with your users.

Continual growth means being original, being present, knowing your customers and creating appealing means for them to get to know you, all of which we can help you with.

Whether you are just starting out, or you want to develop your existing business we believe you can greatly benefit from our digital marketing strategies. In addition to our existing service packages, in cooperation with you, we can devise custom made strategy to suit your specific needs.