15 Essential Growth Hacking Tips to Help your Business Thrive

May 11, 2017

Growth hacking has become a well-known term in the world of startups, with varied definitions and understanding. Probably best described by Dan Martel, the founder of Clarity as being “a mindset, more than a toolset”, growth hacking encompasses a number of tools and tactics that have one ultimate goal – a startup growth.

In a world of rapid development, mass production and turbulent changes we are living in today, it has become necessary to rely on smarter, more creative and data-driven solutions for faster and more sustainable growth, which is exactly the point behind the process called growth hacking.


By analyzing and understanding user mindset with the support of data, growth hackers are then able to find creative ways to get users.

While different startups need different techniques to reach their goals, and there is not one magical solution that fits all, growth hacking is a set of techniques that have the flexibility that can fit any startup demand. Simply due to the fact that there are endless possibilities for experimenting, testing and trying different options, growth hacking can be applicable to any startup business of today.

While we discussed some of the most effective and widely applicable nearly free growth hacking techniques earlier, here we are going to present some of the best growth hacking tips each of which deals with a specific growth hacking situation.

As every part of your customers’ buying journey is equally important, it is only reasonable to utilize the all-encompassing ability of growth hacking process from the user acquisition through trust and uniqueness, to delighting existing customers. With actionable tips on how to set goals, track data and optimize your website for best user experience and fastest conversion, any new startup can follow in the footsteps of leading ones by using the similar techniques of achieving sustainable growth.


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