12 Content Marketing Tips any Small Business can Implement Now

February 21, 2017

Content marketing is here to stay. Content is king. That’s what we all learned by now. Yet, there are way too many small businesses (and marketers) who are still struggling to produce content, to produce great content, or to produce enough content. As Content Marketing Institute predictions for 2016 stated, the greatest challenge that 60% of B2B marketers were expecting to face was producing engaging content, whereas 57% B2B marketers were expecting to experience difficulties in consistent content production.

In the plethora of new ideas, content marketing techniques, new technologies and strategies, it can become quite challenging to produce such pieces of content that would truly stand out and cut through the noise in the overcrowded online market.

Actually, that is the main problem. So many brands and businesses are trying every possible technique out there, hoping that some of those would bring an instant success. Seems that most of us have forgotten one of the content marketing main characteristics – it is actually a long-term effort. Once we start approaching content marketing as a long-term investment, we will become much more willing to stick to the basics and create a strategy that speaks of our brand, to our target audience and for our target audience. New techniques, strategies and technologies are welcome as long as they are implemented in a way that is true to our brand’s core values and they are able to speak our message to our ideal customers.

In order not to get too overwhelmed when it comes to your content marketing efforts, we have compiled a list of some of our most effective content marketing tips that should serve as a base line for any small business content marketing strategy. In it you will find everything from how to create content, what types of content you should create, how long/short certain content types should be in order to be easier to consume, how to attract and engage your audience, and so on.

12 Content Marketing Tips any Small Business can Implement Now

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